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Here are some of our favorites.

Ann Tudor LLC

I am a glass artist & jewelry designer.   The work is lighthearted and meant to bring a smile to your face and brighten your space!  It includes upbeat home decor items, such as "no care" aquariums and floral pieces along with lampwork glass jewelry and assemblage jewelry pieces.  

Recently a new line of whimsical stitch or progess markers has been created for knitting and crochet.   This line is expanding quickly from suggestions and requests from fellow knitters and crocheters.

Custom work is a large part of the business and I absolutely love being able to take an idea or feeling that you have and making something special for yourself or loved ones.  

The Felted Garden

I started making felted sweater handbags from wool sweaters my daughter wore in school. Soon a friend requested a "memory bag" from an old favorite. Next came the leather bags made from reclaimed coats. This is fun!

Now there are jewelry, project bags and totes for knitters.

Tag You're It Jewelry

They are a couple of sisters who have always been dabbling in one craft or another.  They decided to jump into hand stamped jewelry in the summer of 2009, not knowing where it would take them, and here they are today!  

They love God.  They love their families, and they love to laugh. 

The designs are handcrafted by the two of them, using only sterling silver or copper.  Each piece is custom made to order and can be personalized with names, dates or short phrases of your choice.

Our SpecialTEA

Our e-commerce business began in January 2006 and has grown leaps and bounds over the last ten years thanks to the love and support of our customers near and far. We appreciate you all!

Our teas can be purchased through our online store or found at the Bread Basket Cafe, The Beehive, Confection Delights and Seize the Night Designs in Danville, IN located on or near the historic downtown square.

Contact us today for answers to your health questions concerning teas and essential oils!